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Digital public sector news, research & engagement

Previous Programmes on UKA Live

Programme Details

15 May 2015

#LocalDigital Live: Smart Collaboration Across Communities

#LocalDigital Live: Smart Collaboration Across Communities

How can technology can be used to enable 'smart' collaboration across local services? Is public servant and organisational culture a block or a driver for collaboration across both places and communities today?

  • Jos Creese, President, British Computer Society and former CIO, Hampshire County Council
  • Jonathan Black, Head of ICT Service Delivery, Cambridgeshire Constabulary
  • Martin Lewis, Dynamics CRM Local Government Solutions Lead, Microsoft UK
  • Helen Olsen Bedford, Head of Comms, Local Digital (moderator)
Programme Details

20 March 2015

#LocalDigital Live: Can Smart Care help tackle the rise in care need?

#LocalDigital Live: Can Smart Care help tackle the rise in care need?

There is no denying the scale of the problem facing local government in the field of social care: inexorably rising demand coupled with severely reducing budgets.

  • Andrew Chitty, Managing Director, Digital Life Sciences
  • Debbie Johnson, ICT Business Development, Kent County Council
  • Paul Thomas, Lead Architect for Health, Microsoft Consulting Services
Programme Details

27 February 2015

#LocalDigital Live: How do we build Smart Foundations for Smart Services?

#LocalDigital Live: Do Smart Citizens Demand Smart Services?

How can providers of local public services build on the technology that they already have to secure the foundations for tomorrow's smart services? And just how do you get the Finance Director's attention for smart digital investment?

  • John Thornton, CIPFA Council Member
  • Matt Payne, Associate Partner at KPMG
  • Paul McPherson, Director of Public Sector, Microsoft Business Solutions
Programme Details

18 February 2015

#LocalDigital Live: Do Smart Citizens Demand Smart Services?

#LocalDigital Live: Do Smart Citizens Demand Smart Services?

Are enough of our citizens able to use 'smart services' today to the extent that will deliver the scale of savings required? And if not, can smart processes behind service delivery realise these savings regardless?

  • Geoff Connell, CIO of Newham and Havering London Boroughs
  • Robin Denton, Local Government Lead, Microsoft
  • Peter Brook, Partnership & Change, Kent CC / Chair, Customer Service Design Council
Programme Details

3 February 2015

#LocalDigital Live: Is Smart just for Cities?

#LocalDigital Live: Is Smart just for Cities?

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about 'Smart Cities' - from driverless cars to intelligent buildings and transport to bins that tell HQ when they need emptying.

  • Sarah Gonsalves, Head of Policy, Milton Keynes Council
  • Julian Bowrey, Deputy Director Digital and Corporate Communication, DCL
  • Linda Chandler, Lead Architect for Cities and Regions, Microsoft
  • Ben Hawes, Smart Cities and Internet of Things Policy, Digital Economy Unit, BIS`
  • Debbie Johnson, ICT Business Development, Kent County Council
Programme Details

19 January 2015

Local Digital Debate: "This house thinks that the ethos of public service will be destroyed by the Digital Agenda"

Local Digital Debate: This house thinks that the ethos of public service will be destroyed by the Digital Agenda

Watch the video of the speakers' opening arguments and summaries below or listen to the podcast of either the speakers or the full debate including audience questions. You can also read a report on the debate here.

  • Peter Fleming, Leader of Sevenoaks District Council and Chairman LGA Improvement & Innovation Board
  • Rob Miller, Head of Shared ICT Service (Kingston & Sutton)
  • Dave Briggs, Digital Capability Manager, Department of Health
  • Joel Bellman, Partner, Deloitte
  • Julian Bowrey, Deputy Director Digital and Corporate Communication, DCLG
  • (CHAIR) Helen Olsen, Head of Communications, DCLG Local Digital Campaign
Programme Details

17 November 2014

Debate: the case for a local government digital academy

Debate: the case for a local government digital academy

Local government needs to adopt a single digital academy structure to develop and disseminate the skills needed in the sector for efficiencies and user-centric digital public services'.

Against the motion:
Max Wide, Strategic Director of Business Change, Bristol City Council
Dave Briggs, Digital Capability Manager, Department of Health

For the motion:
Sarah Prag, Digital Consultant, Bristol City Council
Julian Bowrey, Deputy Director of Corporate Communications, Department for Communities and Local Government

Programme Details

22 Oct 2014

Video highlights: is there a need for a specialist digital service for local government?

Video highlights: is there a need for a specialist digital service for local government?

A Local Digital Campaign event debated the concept of a specialist digital service for local government with a select audience of chief executives, members, heads of IT, digital specialists, customer services and other council service heads.

The speaker panel, comprising central and local government representatives and a consultant, spoke For and Against the motion: "The best way to deliver consistent, efficient user-friendly services for the citizen is to establish a specialist digital service for local government and create a common technology platform for local government websites."

Programme Details

9 Jun 2014

Local Digital Futures: panel debate

Local Digital Futures: panel debate

This panel debate, concluding the event, draws together the key themes from Local Digital Futures including the creation of an easy-to-use online experience for customers.

  • Nicola Millard Customer Experience Futurologist, BT
  • James Berge, Public Sector Digital, Deloitte
  • William Barker, DCLG
  • Mark Pope, Government Digital Service
  • Julian Bowrey, DCLG and Local Digital campaign
Programme Details

11 Nov 2013

Local Digital Today: Expert panel debate

UKA Live 11 Nov 2013

A panel of local government experts have come together to discuss the key challenges identified in the ground breaking research, Local Digital Today. Published last week, DCLG and UKAuthority's report surveyed senior local authority and supplier decision-makers to investigate how councils are adapting to new technology.

  • Jos Creese, CIO Hampshire County Council and Chair of Local CIO Council
  • Peter Coates, Assistant Head of Transformation Sunderland City Council, Chair of the Local Government Contact Council
  • Susan Attard, Deputy Town Clerk, City of London
  • Geoff Connell, CIO of the London Boroughs of Newham and Havering, Chair of the Socitm London Region.
Programme Details

15 May 2013

Fighting Cyber Fraud & Cyber Attack Across the Public Sector

UKA Live 20th Mar 2013

With much to learn from both central and local government approaches and best practice, the panel agreed that collaboration across the public sector was essential to both the fight against fraud and in targeting resources towards those who most need them. Such joint working and information sharing would also be essential in future to help guard against cyber-attack.

  • David Wilde, Chief Information Officer, Essex County Council
  • Lesley Hume, Executive Director, Fraud, Error & Debt, ERG, Cabinet Office
  • Jon Williams, PSN Programme Director, Cabinet Office
  • Bill McCluggage, Chief Technologist for the Public Sector, EMC
Programme Details

20 March 2013

Channel Shift - are we moving towards Digital by Default?

UKA Live 20th Mar 2013

In 2010, Martha Lane Fox recommended that public services should go digital by default. Since then - and in many cases, even before that - the entire public sector has been working to make this cost effective, engaging digital public services a reality. So how much progress has been made? What expected, and unexpected, benefits have been gained?

  • Rebecca Kemp, Policy Team Leader, Government Digital Service - Cabinet Office
  • Kit Wilson, Customer Services Manager, Newport City Council
  • Martin Greenwood, Socitm
  • Haydn Knight, Director, Capita Software Services
Programme Details

12 March 2013

Big Data, digital public services and innovation

UKA Live 12th Mar 2013

As public health moves to its new local authority home next month, will 'big data' help uncover hitherto unforeseen opportunities for innovation in service delivery? Can Big Data identify the precise services and interventions required to improve specific community outcomes? And what new skills are needed to tease the information needle out of the data haystack? Join us to debate the benefits and potential that Big Data brings to a new generation of informed public service delivery.

  • Stephen McComb, Leader of the NI Connected Health Innovation Centre
  • Richard Hallett, Head of Business Intelligence, Kent County Council
  • Simon Chapple, Director of Product Innovation, Aridhia
  • Bill McCluggage, Chief Technologist for the Public Sector, EMC
Programme Details

18 December 2012

Digital Public Services, Security & Identity Assurance

UKA Live 18th Dec 2012

Can we ensure data security in the new cloud and digital by default public services landscape? And can we guard against fraud with robust citizen authentication? UKA Live invited those developing the policies and those at the front end to debate these key issues.

  • Geoff Connell, CIO of Havering and Newham London boroughs
  • Chris Ferguson, Deputy Director Identity Assurance Programme, GDS, Cabinet Office
  • John Stubley, Operations Director, Public Services Network at Cabinet Office
  • Bill McCluggage, Chief Technologist, Public Sector, EMC
Programme Details

7 November 2012

G-Cloud ii

UKA Live 7th Nov 2012

The second round of the G-Cloud framework applications has gone live. What was different about this exercise? Who, and what services, are on the new framework? How will the G-Cloud team build momentum and demand for cloud services across the public sector? How do we build capability across the sector and gain real benefit from cloud? And just how much business has gone through the existing frameworks to date?

  • Denise McDonagh, Programme Director, G-Cloud/ICT Director, Home Office;
  • Bill McCluggage, Consultant, EMC;
  • Phil Dawson, Chief Executive Officer, Skyscape Cloud Services;
Programme Details

30 April 2012

Connect Digitally: Delivering Digital By Default Services

ITU Live 30th Apr 2012

How did Connect Digitally deliver 'digital by default' levels of take up for national online school admissions and free school meals? What lessons can be learnt and what can be applied to the current quest to deliver digital by default public services?

  • Amanda Derrick, programme director, Connect Digitally, Department for Education and Hertfordshire County Council
  • Lorna Peters, business improvement, Connect Digitally, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Emer Coleman, deputy director for digital engagement, Government Digital Service
Programme Details

19 April 2012

G-Cloud and CloudStore - What impact on the future of public sector technology?

ITU Live 19th Apr 2012

Is Cloudstore a 'revolutionary new procurement vehicle for public sector ICT'? And will the Cloud deliver significant savings to the public sector?

  • Denise McDonagh, Director of ICT Delivery at Home Office and G-Cloud Programme Director
  • Jos Creese, CIO, Hampshire County Council
  • Mark Ferrar, National Technology Officer, Microsoft UK
  • Paul Tomlinson, Managing Director, IEG4
Programme Details

13 March 2012

Channel Shift: Designing Online Services that Citizens will choose over other Channels

ITU Live 13th Mar 2012

Channel shift - how quickly is the public sector persuading the citizen to use cost-saving digital services? Will the shift in behaviour happen soon enough to deliver much needed savings? What do we know today about progress across frontline services?

  • Felicity Singleton, head of digital policy at the Government Digital Service;
  • Martin Ferguson, head of policy at Socitm;
  • Matthew Stammers, director, Capita.
Programme Details

31 January 2012

SMEs, Agile and the Public Sector in this Age of Austerity

ITU Live 31st Jan 2012

Is the public sector serious about working with SMEs? Is it serious about Agile? What are the benefits SMEs could deliver? And how successful has the drive to get SMEs involved been?

  • Stephen Allott - crown representative for SMEs
  • Andy De Vale - founding member of the Agile Delivery Network
  • Mark Foden - director of Foden Grealy
  • Mary McKenna - director of the Learning Pool
Programme Details

13 December 2011

Cookies, metrics, search and citizen-facing websites

ITU Live 13th Dec 2011

Why, where and when do citizens bail out of online transactions? How does this impact digital by default aspirations? And how can you help citizens overcome the blocks? Join ITU live and experts from the new Government Digital Service (GDS) to talk cookies, metrics and search for public sector websites.

  • Peter Jordan, Product Analytics Lead, GDS Delivery Team, Cabinet Office
  • Nick Breeze, Senior Customer Insight Manager, GDS, Cabinet Office
  • Alex Henry, online segmentation and personalisation expert, Adobe UK
Programme Details

6 December 2011

Will Cloud and SaaS reshape Public Service Delivery?

ITU Live 6th Dec 2011

As government plans for the Cloud take shape and move to implementation stage, we bring key players to the debate table.

  • Chris Chant, Executive Director at the Cabinet Office and G-Cloud Programme Director;
  • Tonino Ciuffini, CIO Warwickshire County Council;
  • Andrew Tout, Consultant at Adobe UK
Programme Details

9 November 2011

How will the 2012 Olympics affect local communities in a digital and mobile world? Are you ready to keep working?

ITU Live 9th Nov 2011

The 2012 Olympics is the first ever to be held in a digital, mobile and always connected world. Indeed, organisers are confidently expecting more than ten times the data traffic experienced in Beijing - which, of course, happened in an age before smartphone, iPhone, iPad and the subsequent explosion of mobile devices.

  • Stuart Hill, BT vice president responsible for building the infrastructure and keeping communications flowing for the duration;
  • Nicky Ward, head of travel advice at Transport for London and advocate of planning NOW for mobile and flexible working for the duration of the Games;
  • And Geoff Connell, CIO of Newham, who gets to play with the communications infrastructure left behind next summer and explore its benefits and lessons for local government and other frontline services.
Programme Details

27 October 2011

eLearning, the Public Sector and the Age of Austerity

ITU Live 27th Oct 2011

In the Age of Austerity, the public sector is harnessing the power of eLearning technology to reduce costs whilst at the same time improve learning outcomes – for both citizens and staff. Is this just an immediate response to budget cuts or the shape of digital learning to come?

  • Mike Brook, manager for architecture of Online Business Education, HMRC ,who is helping to develop new interactive learning objects to facilitate the customer journey through My New Business (launching in November);
  • Paul McElvaney, director of Learning Pool, a company developing online learning aimed at building capacity in the third sector in support of the Big Society;
  • Keith Quinn, senior education and workforce development advisor at the Scottish Social Services Council, who is developing mobile delivery of interactive learning to train Scotland's entire social service workforce
Programme Details

16 September 2011

Unifying the digital citizen experience

ITU Live 16th Sep 2011

A few years ago, when digital was limited to websites, email or interactive voice response systems, organisations could get away with strategies that allowed them to take a channel by channel approach to experience. However, with the recent explosion of digital devices and their increased capabilities, organisations have come under fire to not only create but also deliver a unified experience across multiple devices and platforms. The boundaries between devices, channels and behaviours are increasingly blurring.

  • Ron Rogowski, Forrester VP and principal analyst
  • Paul Annett, design lead for the UK Government Digital Service
  • Marcus Castenfors, user-centred design lead at SapientNitro, Sweden
  • Ben Watson, from Canada and Adobe's lead customer experience strategist
Programme Details

14 September 2011

Shared Services and the Public Sector

ITU Live 14th Sep 2011 and ITU will unveil the results of new research into the state of play for Shared Services across the UK public sector.

  • Geoff Connell, Chair of Socitm London Branch; Divisional Director ICT (Acting), London Borough of Newham & Head of Business Systems, London Borough of Havering
  • Paul Taylor, Director of Change & Communities, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
  • Ian Gates, Divisional Director of Capita Software Services
Programme Details

31 August 2011

Open Standards & the Future of Public Sector ICT

ITU Live 31st Aug 2011

The importance of Open Standards to the future of public sector ICT is the topic for ITU Live on Wednesday 31st August. Will Open Standards finally allow the public sector to join up service delivery? What standards are key? And how will they be decided?

  • Bill McCluggage, Deputy Government CIO and Director of ICT Strategy & Policy at the Cabinet Office
  • Mark Brett, Policy & Programme Manager at Socitm
  • Marc Straat, Adobe's European Head of Standards
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and IT in Use magazine
Programme Details

28 July 2011

Skunkworks: How can it help you?

ITU Live 28th Jul 2011

Mark O'Neill has taken up the reins as head of the government's new Skunkworks at Cabinet Office. What does this mean for public sector ICT? How can the Skunkworks help your organisation? Mark joins the ITU Live panel on Thursday 28th July to explore what Skunkworks hopes to achieve.

  • Mark O'Neill, Head of Skunkworks at Cabinet Office
  • Alan Banks, Managing Director, Adobe UK
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, UKauthorITy and ITU magazine
Programme Details

12 May 2011

Simplifying Service Transactions & Business Processes

ITU Live 12th May 2011

Public services are moving inexorably online, and the UK population becoming ever more digitally savvy. But how do we take advantage of the best in technology developments to meet the needs of both the organisation and the citizens it serves?

  • Glyn Evans, Socitm President, Corporate Director of Business Change at Birmingham City Council and CIO Council member
  • Peter Bole, Director of ICT at Kent County Council
  • Alan Banks, Managing Director, Adobe UK
  • Helen Olsen, Managing Editor, ITU and UKauthorITy