Thursday 20 October 2005

Leeds City Council - winner of Local Government IT Excellence Awards

Leeds City Council's Digital Pen and Paper Technology Within The Home Care Environment project is named as the winner of the Intellect, Socitm and Solace Local Government IT Excellence Awards.

Digital Pen and Paper Technology Within The Home Care Environment was selected from 34 nominees because it is simple, easy to use and offers clear benefits for both the staff and patients.

This project uses Digital Pen and Paper technology to help reshape the way in which Social Services Home Care service activity is recorded, stored and reported. Home Care assistants using the technology are able to send care information directly to corporate systems from patients' homes through a secure mobile link, thereby speeding the process and improving patient care.

The announcement was made at SOCITM's annual conference, and was presented by Charles Ward, chief operating officer of Intellect and chair of the awards judging panel.

Commenting on the winning project, Mr Ward said: "Now in their tenth year, the Local Government IT Excellence Awards continue to provide the opportunity to recognise and reward local government organisations that have used ICT effectively and innovatively to deliver best value public services."

He continued, "As with the previous nine years, this year's entries continue the trend of improving standards, and the winner, Digital Pen and Paper Technology Within The Home Care Environment, is an excellent example of how emerging technologies can be used in a simple way to improve service delivery to citizens, and make life easier for front-line delivery staff."

The other winners commended for their individual successes and contributions were:

Runner Up - Lambeth Council - Lambeth Integrated Customer Record

Lambeth has gone one step beyond implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) by creating a virtual electronic customer record and automating customer services across the council. Through authentication via the Government Gateway, customers can track their service progress from first contact. This project has helped Lambeth improve customer service: Customers can now get instant information about their housing repairs, rent payments, map location of the pothole they want to report or information about their social care assessment, and more.

Highly Commended - Cumbria County Council in collaboration with the London boroughs of Sutton, Enfield and Lambeth - Electronic Financial Assessments

Using mobile, database and e-form technologies, the Electronic Financial Assessments system enables Social Services visiting officers to complete an assessment in the service user's home during one visit, therefore eliminating the need to return to the office to transcribe data, avoiding large retrospective bills to the services users and the need for further telephone enquiries. The solution utilises tablet PCs to capture, store and retrieve financial assessment data securely via a docking system.

About the Awards - Organised by Intellect, SOCITM and SOLACE, and now in their tenth year, the awards seek to highlight the use of best practice in local government and how IT has been used both effectively and innovatively to deliver Best Value public services.

The awards were supported by Nabarro Nathanson, and Xansa