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Digital public sector news, research & engagement

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HMRC plans to create single data hub

15 Nov 2014 GCN News

Chief information and digital leader Mark Dearnley vows department will combat cyber threats with "absolutely leading edge security models"; HMRC plans to pre-populate tax returns

MPs probe scrutiny of Government and councils

14 Nov 2014 LocalGov News

Policymakers were too optimistic about the better care fund

14 Nov 2014 Health Service Journal

Rethink how the integration policy works

Salesforce1 Lightning Connect aims to simplify legacy data cloud integration

14 Nov 2014 Roland Moore-Colyer

Service will remove the need for IT teams to manage multiple data silos, says firm

Revolutionising digital public service delivery

13 Nov 2014 ComputerWeekly (Alan Brown, Jerry Fishenden & Mark Thompson)

Public sectors across the world are attempting a transition away from closed, top-down, bureaucratic, and paper-based transactional models

Ministry of Justice searches for IT staff to join digital team

13 Nov 2014 ComputerWeekly (

The Ministry of Justice is recruiting people to join its team tasked with designed digital public services relaunched in open data drive

13 Nov 2014 GCN News

Local authorities and government agencies collaborate on national smart map platform to provide real time traffic information updates

Councils need to embed digital more, says Hampshire's digital leader

11 Nov 2014 ComputerWeekly (

Local public sector needs to ensure digital is embedded into planning, policy and process, says Hampshire Country Council digital leader

Warning issued over cost of NHS 24 IT delays

11 Nov 2014 GCN News

Scotland's auditor general says revised business case for new IT system to support telehealth organisation expected in February 2015

Burnley seeks outsource partner for service delivery overhaul

10 Nov 2014 GCN News

Ten-year £118m agreement will appoint single provider to oversee authority's back office functions, licence services and IT support

Digital Scotland passes 150,000 premises with superfast broadband

10 Nov 2014 ComputerWeekly (

Scottish government celebrates milestone in £410m Digital Scotland superfast broadband roll-out

Government backs down on prescriptive PSN security compliance

10 Nov 2014 ComputerWeekly (

Restrictive security measures are out, a more flexible approach to PSN compliance is in, says government CTO Liam Maxwell

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