Integrated Sales, Marketing & Engagement

46,000+ visitors per month reading an average 10 pages each

Qualified community database of 36,300 decision makers and influencers across local and central government, police, fire and health.

UKAuthority channels, sales, marketing and engagement services can be combined to create integrated end-to-end advertorial, promotional and lead generating, sales support or marketing and engagement campaigns to underpin your organisation's activities in the sector in 2015.

We can help you to cut through the noise to deliver coordinated, consistent messaging and thought leadership to your target market - across all engagement channels. Pick and integrate elements of content, copy, web, video and email lead generation to help deliver your goals. Engage directly with your audience, approach influencers and decision makers by job function, organisation type and/or geography via UKAuthority elements:

  • - the online news service for major and breaking news about the use of technology in the public sector (46,000+ visitors per month reading an average 10 pages each)
  • UKAtv - internet tv news channel covering thought leaders and policy setters 'in their own words' (stories regularly gain over 500 viewers)
  • UKA Live - interactive live 'round table' UKAtv debates on the key issues of the day with news-makers, policy makers and thought leaders (audience live: 40 to 100 / audience for recording: approx. 1000)
  • UKAuthority Extra - weekly news briefing (email circulation: 15,200 public sector / 2,100 commercial)
  • @UKAuthority and individual reporter twitter feeds/conversations have over nine thousand followers
  • Targeted emails to the UKAuthority core circulation, editorial and research database of more than 32,540 key public chief and senior executives, directors and officers from central and local government, police, fire, health and ancillary services
  • Best practice & thought leadership - Stimulating the debate, engaging the community, disseminating information and best practice to the UKAuthority Community
ElementPrice ex VAT
UKA Live
- Sponsorship, including spokesperson on panel, audience acquisition, project management, moderation, broadcast, post production and hosting of on-demand recording, news feature and sponsor email.
Sponsorship & Engagement Packages from £9,516.00 to £16,620.00
- Advertorial (eg UKA Live feature, including copywriting / layout)
- Banner Advertising
- Online Poll UKAuthority readers (7 questions max) and summary report

- Talking Heads interview (including film/post production/hosting)
- 3 Pack: three interviews filmed on same day/location (inc film/post/ hosting)
- Video Case Study (user based, filmed on location - excluding travel costs)
- Video Documentary (issue based, filmed in the studio)
- Corporate Promotional Video


From £6,000.00

From £6,000.00
From £7,000.00
UKAuthority Extra
- Banner Advertising

From £350.00
UKA Experience Sharing/Best Practice
- Working Lunch
- White Paper

From £5,000.00
From £3,600.00
Targeted Email to UKAuthority audience£1,095.00
- Copywriting (per day)
- HTML email creation (per email)
- Bespoke Research
- Sector Marketing & Engagement Consultancy


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What they say about us...

"I have worked with Informed Communications Ltd since 2010 while I was Deputy Government CIO in the Cabinet Office and in my current role with EMC as Chief Technologist, Public Sector, since February 2012. They have been engaged by the EMC marketing team in the UK to help promote the company and its specific technology capabilities in the public sector, a project which they have delivered impeccably.

The team at Informed Communications Ltd have one of the most well developed networks across the public sector in the digital and ICT sectors that I have come across. It spans Local Government, Health, Police, Central Government, the Devolved Administrations and the various companies that sell into the public sector, and includes both digital and ICT specialists, and business leaders. The size, breadth and accuracy of their validated and coded list of contacts is, I believe, the largest and most up to date anywhere across the public sector.

In terms of coverage, Helen Olsen and the Informed Communications Ltd team have helped me deliver messaging in both jobs on a range of technology/digital topic subjects including Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, Fraud and eCrime, Big Data, capability growth and citizen facing/digital issues. This has included delivering live round table TV/webinars, blog posts, email marketing, and news features and has involved attracting a number of different thought leaders and specialists to become involved.

The team are very capable at exploiting social media, attracting sponsorship for events and identifying and targeting specific interest groups with their marketing material. They have delivered the goods for me over and over again, and I would highly recommend them to anyone contemplating a national marketing campaign in the public sector."

Bill McCluggage, former Chief Technologist - Public Sector, EMC