One-stop shop for adapting to climate impacts

Climate change minister, Joan Ruddock, has called on councils to develop imaginative and innovative approaches to deal with the impact of a changing climate.

Launching a new information hub that will help planners and others to adapt to climate change, Ruddock said that as the climate changed, there would be more extreme weather, with an increased risk of flooding and erosion, hotter and drier summers, loss of biodiversity and risks to human health - and society would have to adapt to those changes.

The website is a one-stop shop offering easy access to the most comprehensive collection of resources on adapting to climate change available in the UK, and is part of the government's drive to ensure that Britain is ready to deal with the impacts of climate change that are already irreversible.

It includes details of how the climate will alter, links to practical tools for adaptation, and examples of what is already being done around the country.

Ruddock said, "We'll need good design that works with the environment rather than against it, creating buildings that stay cool in the heat and deal with water that will be in short supply in summer and pouring into the drains during heavy storms.

"This one-stop shop will help people to identify the challenges we will face in the future and to make the decisions now that will help us to manage them."

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