UKA correspondentThursday 23 November 2017

UKAuthority Data4Good - how can the public sector harness data?

Event hub: Presentations and videos from our event exploring the potential and issues in using data to support the public well being.

UKAuthority's Data4Good, hosted in association with Microsoft and Privitar, provided an opportunity to hear from industry specialists and public sector organisations on how data can be used for the public good.

Key themes emerging from the event included that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will have profound implications on the way in which the public sector collects, stores, uses and shares information, but it is also an opportunity to make significant changes with how data is managed in public bodies; and when striving to make a change for the public good when harnessing data, it is critical that all outcomes have the citizen at the heart.  

Watch this video for a quick overview of the day.

Delegates heard from speakers from organisations including Government Digital Service (GDS), Office for National Statistics (ONS), Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA), Ordnance Survey, Department for Work and Pensions and Department for Communities and Local Government.

You can download the Data4Good briefing paper here which collates the key findings from the day.

Presentational videos and slides from the day are available below.

GDPR and the Digital Economy Act: Helen Olsen Bedford, publisher, UKAuthority 



Tackling Data Privacy to unlock the power of big data analytics: Guy Cohen, fellow at centre for science & policy, University of Cambridge / Strategy & Policy Lead, Privitar


Data is infrastructure - infrastructure has users too: Ellie Craven, product lead for data infrastructure, Government Digital Service (GDS) 



Doing different things and doing them differently: Caroline Bellamy, chief data officer, Ordnance Survey 



Public & private sector collaboration to seize opportunities and overcome challenges in data legislation: Callum Staff, principal data scientist, Department for Education, and Nicholas Revell, cloud solutions architect - data platform, Microsoft

Using our data to produce better statistics: Sarah Henry, director of methods, data and research, Office for National Statistics 



Layering data in government: Paul Maltby, director of data projects, Department for Communities and Local Government



Next steps in digital leadership and city-wide collaboration in London:  Theo Blackwell, chief digital officer for London, Mayor of London's Office



GM Digital: Enabling devolution led reform in Greater Manchester: Phil Swan, chief information officer, Greater Manchester Combined Authority



Data and information: a public asset, the public's asset: Anita Saigal, engagement manager, Centre of Excellence for Information Sharing