UKA correspondentThursday 10 August 2017

UKA Live: Driving RoI and digital take-up 

How can the public sector maximise the return from its investment in technology? Can it successfully change the culture both internally and among citizens in order to drive take-up and make digital the norm?

Catch up on the Live debate below as UKAuthority publisher, Helen Olsen Bedford,  leads our expert panel in an exploration of the key issues driving consumption of digital public services and maximising the return on investment.

On the panel: 

  • David Wilde, executive director for place, operations and CIO, Essex County Council.
  • Sally Watkins, head of IT & customer services, Wokingham Borough Council.
  • James Rolfe, executive director for finance, resources and customer services, Enfield Council.
  • Ian Robson, BDM for local and regional government, Pythagoras.

Download the podcast here

Pythagoras's Ian Robson has boiled the key points from the debate down into a blog on For more information and to watch a series of bite-sized videos from the discussion, visit the webcast hub.

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